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Mental Unwellness in Young People Seminar: Auckland

Mental Unwellness in Young People Seminar: Auckland

Mental Unwellness in Young People:
Challenges and Approaches to Herbal Management

Auckland Location:
Sunday 15th September (9:00am – 3:00pm)
Novotel,72-112 Green Lane East,Ellerslie, Auckland  

Mental health is an increasingly prevalent issue in all developed countries and New Zealand is no exception. Join us for expert knowledge and insights into addressing this important area in clinic.

Depression is set to become the second leading cause of disability in the world by 2020. On average, 8.6% of New Zealanders experienced high levels of psychological distress – including anxiety, confused emotions, depression or rage – at some stage in the four weeks leading up to the Ministry of Health NZ annual survey in 2017/2018. The 15-24 age group displayed the highest levels of psychological distress, at 13.2%. The 2019 budget has a major focus on new mental health, wellbeing and addiction initiatives, so revisiting herbal options for this important area of health is timely.

The 2019 Phytomed seminar, Mental Unwellness in Young People: Challenges & Approaches to Herbal Management brings together a range of industry experts. Presenting and discussing current research and experience, this seminar will provide you with new perspectives and information to address this increasingly widespread aspect of clinical practice.

Join us for this interesting and important discussion.



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