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Kiwiherb Baby Natural Health Pack

Kiwiherb Baby Natural Health Pack

A handy pack containing all your baby’s natural healthcare essentials (WEBSTORE ONLY).

Ensure the littlest family members stay well this winter with the Kiwiherb Baby Natural Health Pack. This handy pack has everything you need to help support your little one’s wellness. Plus, they’re all Certified Organic which means no nasties.

The pack contains:

  • Kiwiherb Children's Organic Chest Syrup (100ml) to support clear airways. If you’ve got winter bugs in your household that have outstayed their welcome, try this great-tasting syrup. It contains natural ingredients like Thyme, Mullein and Hyssop which are traditionally used to support clear airways and help clear mucus. It’s naturally sweetened with native New Zealand honeys which are naturally antiseptic and work to soothe irritation in the respiratory tract.
  • Kiwiherb Organic De-Stuff for Kids (50ml) for easy breathing. Little person got a blocked nose? Reach for Kiwiherb Organic De-Stuff for Kids. Natural herbal ingredients, including Elderflower, Ribwort and Echinacea root, work to support clear airways and help ease congestion to support easy breathing children. With a base of organic apple juice plus natural peppermint and orange oil, this is specifically formulated to have a child-friendly taste!
  • Kiwiherb Children's Organic Throat Syrup (100ml) to soothe dry throats. Wave goodbye to a dry, itchy throat with Kiwiherb Children’s Organic Throat Syrup. It offers targeted support for upper airway health. It combines Thyme, which has traditionally been used to support and maintain the health of the respiratory tract, along with Echinacea for immune system support. It’s been specifically designed to soothe dry tickly throats and support recovery. It’s naturally delicious, thanks to being flavoured with organic Manuka, wild Thyme honey, and natural orange and lemon.
  • Kiwiherb Organic Baby Balm  (50g) for keeping baby’s cheeks sweetWherever baby’s got dry or upset skin, Kiwiherb Organic Baby Balm to the rescue! It’s been specifically formulated for use on delicate skin to soothe, protect and hydrate. It’s a gentle balm that contains a blend of natural herbs and oils that help to soften and soothe skin in the nappy area, scalp or any dry chapped skin.

No artificial flavours, sweeteners, preservatives or colours are used in these products.

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.

For external use only.


Additional information

For more information on each of the products please refer to the production information below:
For more information on each of the products please refer to the production information below: Kiwiherb Children’s Chest Syrup Kiwiherb De-Stuff for Kids Kiwiherb Children’s Throat Syrup Kiwiherb Baby Balm