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Echiberry: Delicious NZ Antioxidant & Immune Support


  • I brought a bottle of De-stuff for my 11 month old daughter yesterday who has had a runny nose for the last 5 days, I've been wiping her nose constantly but after 2 doses of De-stuff I've only had to wipe her nose twice today. I wish I'd known about this sooner. I will be using this straight away in the future
    – Melissa Bayne
  • My wife and I have been using this product for years and they are amazing and work fantastic!!! We have the all the children's stuff including the echinature, chest syrup, throats syrup and the De-stuff!!! Absolutely amazing products We love them
    – Craig Hume
  • On Sunday we bought De-Stuff for our 3 year old daughter who has struggled with a cold all week. After 2 doses of it, along with the Chesty formula, she slept so well that night and woke up looking and sounding so much better. Now almost 3 days later her cold is all but gone. I wish I had have found out about it sooner.
    – Bridgette Robinson
  • Brought a bottle of children's chest syrup and it works like magic no more coughing during the night. Also my son loves the taste
    – Philippa Quigley
  • Absolutely love baby balm. My 6 week old had flakey, dry skin and nothing I had tried was helping until I tried baby balm. Her skin is so much better. I can't believe how fast it worked. Thank you Kiwiherb!!!
    – Alex Lazzaro
  • I love Kiwiherb! Finding something that worked so well, and was safe for my daughter when she was at an age where she couldn't have all other medicines, it was such a great help! And now I use nothing else
    – Alyssa Francis-King
  • I'm not often inspired enough to go seek out a brand's Facebook page just to give them my positive feedback - in fact this is the first time ever. I just wanted to express how much I love the children's cough syrup, it's always worked wonders on my kids - it's now taken to the next level with the inclusion of the syringe which is long enough to reach the bottom of the bottle - hurray! It's always been the bane of my mum-life trying to reach the medicine when the bottles have run low with syringes that aren't long enough - thank you!
    – Melissa White
  • Received a bottle of children's chest syrup to trial and what can I say it's magic in a bottle!! After a single dose they didn’t cough the whole night which meant a better sleep for everyone after two days they were so much better and they liked the taste which is great, can't wait to try more of your products
    – Daniella Bhagat

Echiberry: Delicious NZ Antioxidant & Immune Support

Echiberry: Delicious NZ Antioxidant & Immune Support

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Asti Renaut

Asti Renaut (BHSc. Comp Med, BA, Adv Dip Nat, Adv Dip Herb Med, MNZAMH)

Asti Renaut is a degree-qualified medical herbalist and naturopath with over ten years clinical experience. Asti practices in Christchurch, New Zealand, treating a wide range of health issues. She especially enjoys working with infants and children, and finally has one of her own to practice on! One of the cornerstones of Asti's practice and philosophy is the importance of education and sharing information. She believes that empowering clients to understand their own bodies and health, and giving practical tips and tools to use from the garden and kitchen are just as important for wellness as qualified professional care. 

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Rust and wrinkles - what do these two things have in common? The easy answer would be ‘time’, and that is definitely an important factor, but the more chemically correct answer would be ‘oxidation’ or ‘oxidative stress’. Just as a sheet of metal left out to weather in the elements can start to discolour and lose its structural integrity, so too do our bodies weather with time and become more vulnerable. This is accelerated as we age and lose the innate ability to produce our own important anti-oxidants.

Don’t get me wrong, I love wrinkles and know that they are well earnt markers of time and experience, but oxidative damage can have more subtle and less lovely effects on the body. Oxidative stress is implicated in all manner of age-related conditions, including cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and sensory degeneration such as cataracts and loss of hearing. Oxidative stress also compromises our immune system and can make us more susceptible to infection. Oxidative stress affects the absolute core of our cellular being- our DNA, and therein lies the problem.

In addition to aging, other factors can increase or speed up oxidative damage. Smoking is a well known one to top the list, but less well known are things like air travel, strenuous exercise, stress, and pollution. Think of anyone you know who flies a lot for a stressful job from big city to big city. Think of the air stewards and hostesses you know. Think of the half-marathon runners and iron-women and -men. And its not just people living it large; anyone who is under stress is at risk, especially asthmatics, who are known to have lower antioxidant levels than non-asthmatics. So think of the post-menopausal women you know looking after their elderly parents with dementia. Think of the students you know doing exams or the martial arts people training for a grading. Think of anyone flying to spend Christmas with family, packing up the kids, buying gifts, sorting out the pets, and hoping to not catch bugs on the plane! Antioxidants are also important for spring and summer allergy sufferers. There are many people vulnerable to additional oxidative stress, who will benefit from support here.

So many people, so much oxidation, what to do? As usual, its plants to the rescue! As usual, its what we grow on our back door step that comes to save our bacon and offer up its rich wealth of botanical support for the taking. Botanical medicines are at the absolute cutting edge of antioxidant research. Plants have way more to offer than synthetic vitamins in this regard. They are phytochemically complex, beyond our understanding, and some even have the capacity to turn on our own superior cellular antioxidant mechanisms, as well as doing some of the work themselves.

So what are we growing locally that can help us out here? Berries. New Zealand Blackcurrants are exceptionally high in anthocyanins and known to be one of the most potent antioxidants of any fruit or vegetable. Combining this with flavonoid-rich elderberries, raspberries and boysenberries makes for a powerful botanical medicine that doesn’t need a spoonful of sugar to help it go down!

These berries, in conjunction with premium antioxidant and immune herbs such as New Zealand-grown Echinacea root and Olive Leaf extract, make for the perfect antioxidant immune tonic to support anyone who needs an extra boost.

Echiberry is a perfect stocking-stuffer for anyone you know who may need some extra immune or aging support this summer. After all, immunity is not just a winter issue, and nor is oxidation. Take it as a tasty daily tonic or top it up with soda for a beneficial thirst-quencher to support wellbeing this summer.