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Digestive Support for Holiday Overindulgence


Digestive Support for Holiday Overindulgence

Digestive Support for Holiday Overindulgence

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Asti Renaut

Asti Renaut (BHSc. Comp Med, BA, Adv Dip Nat, Adv Dip Herb Med, MNZAMH)

Asti Renaut is a degree-qualified medical herbalist and naturopath with over ten years clinical experience. Asti practices in Christchurch, New Zealand, treating a wide range of health issues. She especially enjoys working with infants and children, and finally has one of her own to practice on! One of the cornerstones of Asti's practice and philosophy is the importance of education and sharing information. She believes that empowering clients to understand their own bodies and health, and giving practical tips and tools to use from the garden and kitchen are just as important for wellness as qualified professional care. 

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Whether its too much tasty kai on Christmas day, too many glasses of bubbly on New Year’s Eve, or just the endless rounds of BBQs and break-up parties, over-indulgence is almost inevitable come this time of year. While the celebrations are well earnt and often wonderful, too many can sometimes leave you feeling bloated and tired, and play havoc with your digestion. Herbal support at this time of year can be such a relief!

Those who are prone to heartburn, indigestion, or irritability in the bowels will sometimes look upon social engagements with dread, knowing that the rich foods on offer can trigger all manner of unwanted digestive issues. Even those who normally fare well can be prone to bloating and discomfort when the days of extra Pavlova and Christmas Mince Pies start adding up.

Lucky for us we have a range of stellar herbs on hand to quickly ease bloating and discomfort and soothe excess acidity and heartburn. Meadowsweet is known as a herbal antacid, but it performs this task without actually inhibiting natural digestive processes, unlike some pharmaceutical options. Hoheria (Lacebark) is one of the most beautiful native NZ plants for soothing inflammation and irritation, wherever it may be, which is why it is in our Herbal Digestive Aid. Chew a leaf and discover the slippery cooling gel that tastes like sweet cucumber – it is excellent for an irritated tummy. Our other NZ native star for digestion is Kawakawa, which is traditionally used for easing bloating and cramping in the gut.

The extra beers and wines that can start to accumulate at the start of summer put an extra stress on the liver, the organ responsible for detoxifying the alcohol (and everything else) from our bodies. A sluggish liver can leave you feeling more tired, irritable, grumpy, hot and headachey. Liver herbs help to improve both Phase I and II of liver detoxification (Phase I unpacks stuff, Phase II repackages it for elimination from the body), and the also improve liver and gallbladder function and actually help to regenerate the liver too. Key liver herbs are St Mary’s Thistle (also known as Milk Thistle), Dandelion Root, and Globe Artichoke. Have a shot of herbs before and after the office party, or take some every day over the festive season to help protect and support your hard-working liver with our certified organic Liver Cleanse. If all else fails, re-visit these herbs once the parties are done and dusted for some detox time in the new year!

Kiwi Kawa ZingerFor those who want a non-alcoholic option or just a reprieve from the G&T’s, we have the sparkling Kiwi Kawa Zinger! This little mocktail with the help of our Ginger & Kawakawa Tonic will not only provide a pick-me-up but also be a welcome digestive soother after another big, delicious summertime meal.